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Swanson Castor Oil, Certified Organic Cold-Pressed 473ml

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An outstanding topical emollient that penetrates deeply to soften the skin, Swanson Certified Organic Castor Oil can be massaged directly into the skin or soaked into a cloth compress for longer-term applications. Organic and cold-pressed, castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid and has antimicrobial properties. As a topical emollient, it penetrates deep into the skin to soften, hydrate, moisturise and cleanse.

  • Effective skin softener
  • Certified organic cold-pressed castor oil
  • Can be applied directly to the skin or soaked in a compress
  • Paraben free

Suggested Use

The oil may be applied in two ways:
1. Massage the oil directly into the skin and cover with cotton or flannel.
2. Make and apply castor oil packs. Saturate cotton or flannel cloth. Apply to desired area and apply heat (hot water bottle or wheatbag).


Cold-pressed certified organic castor oil


  • For external use only.
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