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Seleno Health Maca for Men 150 capsules

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Incan tradition states that different colours of Maca can be used to treat different conditions. From understanding the sacred traditions of Maca and the needs of men Seleno Health Maca experts have formulated the perfect Maca blend to bring balance and strength back to your body. Maca for Men is a scientifically formulated blend of activated black, yellow and red maca designed to optimise male health and hormones.

Formulated to assist with improving energy, endurance, stamina, mental health, focus, libido, fertility, prostate function and in managing stress.

Taken daily Maca for Men has the ability to:

  • Boost energy and vitality
  • Promote stamina and endurance
  • Balance mental health
  • Improve mental focus and clarity
  • Increase libido and sexual function
  • Increase fertility
  • Improve prostate function
  • Reduce stress levels

Serving Suggestion:

The powder is activated (heat-treated) so it can be consumed straight and is gut-safe.

Take 3-5 capsules daily as a dietary supplement or as directed by a health practitioner.


Amount per Capsule:

1250mg of organic activated maca blend – standardized to 0.8% (ww) total macamides (10mg per capsule).

Other ingredients: Magnesium Stearate

100% organic activated black, yellow and red Maca powder scientifically formulated to optimise men’s health.

Seleno Health Maca is 100% organic and sourced direct from the farm in Peru. Every batch is analysed and tested for potency by standardising the macamide concentrations (maca’s main bioactive components).

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