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Salud Colloidal Silver Drops 50ml

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Colloidal Silver is nature's broad-spectrum antibiotic and rapid tissue healer.

Silver has been used for thousands of years in different forms for its health benefits. Throughout the middle ages, the wealthy gave their children silver spoons to suck upon to stave off illnesses!

Colloidal Silver is 100% natural making it safe to use on the whole family, from new-born babies to the elderly (and can also be used for your pets and other animals). Powerful and effective, it kills around 650 different strains of pathogens (compared to only 6 with synthetic drugs) and is a great boost for the immune system.

Salud Colloidal Silver is produced with uncompromising care in New Zealand from the purest obtainable materials. Salud Colloidal Silver is manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment to produce products to an ultra-pure standard of medical –grade purity. Ultra-pure premium-grade ionic Silver Colloid are the basis of all Salud Colloidal Silver products.

Salud Colloidal Silver contains 99.99% pure silver in 10 ppm (parts per million) ionic colloidal suspension in ultra-purified water.


Shake before use. Ingest orally or apply topically.

Maintenance Dose: Drink 10 mls (two metric teaspoons) a day, full strength or, if preferred, in a glass of water or juice.

Acute Dose: Up to 50 mls (ten metric teaspoons) a day – in 10 ml doses – as directed by  a health professional.

Only use glass or plastic to dispense Colloidal Silver.

Keep away from metal, light, heat and electromagnetic fields. Store in cupboard, do not refrigerate.

Colloidal Silver:

  1. Is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, effectively acting against bacterial, viral and fungal conditions.
  2. Can deal with the most serious and antibiotic-resistant microbes such as MRSA, E. coli, Candida Albicans and Salmonella.
  3. Unlike its modern prescription antibiotic counterpart, simply doesn’t create resistance or immunity in the organisms that are killed by it.
  4. Is a general immune boost to help prevent illness and knock out flus and colds.
  5. Is very effective for tooth and gum infections.
  6. May be dropped directly into the ear to deal with ear infections.
  7. Can be used for prompt action against pink eye (conjunctivitis) and other eye infections.
  8. May be used topically and orally to treat thrush, herpes, shingles and warts.
  9. Can be inhaled into the lungs with a nebuliser to heal respiratory infections.
  10. Is also effective as a digestive aid when taken with meals as it stops fermentation of food in the stomach and intestines.
  11. Prevents infections in cuts, scrapes, wounds and burns and is a rapid tissue healer.
  12. Is also a fantastic anti-inflammatory remedy. Colloidal silver can reduce swelling, speed healing, and boosts cell recovery.
  13. Is fantastic in dealing with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, shingles and acne.
  14. Treats stubborn fungal conditions such as infected toenails, candida, athletes foot and ringworm.
  15. Is effective against food poisoning and dysentery - a really good idea to take some travelling! Also urinary tract infections.
  16. Great for dogs, cats, horses and other animals in treating eye and ear infections, skin conditions, wounds and much more.
  17. Is a naturally occurring trace mineral in our bodies and does not interact with any other medication you might be taking.
  18. Can be used as a safe, natural and non-toxic surface disinfectant.
  19. Can be used in the garden to prevent and treat plant diseases.
  20. May be used to purify water (excluding chemical contamination) and is great to take hiking, travelling etc.
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