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Free Rotorua Delivery - Free NZ shipping for orders over $85

Pacific Harvest Kelp Sea Salt, Wild Harvested Seaweed 400g

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Replace your regular chemically iodised salt with Kelp Sea Salt for a naturally occuring iodine rich salt, and added umami in every meal.

Kelp is tenderising and flavourful so this makes a gorgeous rub too. Pacific Harvest's Kelp Salt has 20% more kelp!

How To Use

Shake before use.
Sprinkle to taste on any meal.


Organic New Zealand sea salt, New Zealand harvested Kelp Seaweed (Ecklonia radiata).


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seaweeds are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the air, so seal securely once opened.


MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Crustacea, Fish (molluscs).


Wild harvested. Check for detritus. Contains naturally occurring iodine. Excessive consumption may exceed recommended daily dietary intakes which could have adverse effects.

Product of New Zealand

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