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Organic Jasmine Tea 200g

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Chinese Organically Certified Jasmine Tea is grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides. It is pure green tea (Camelia Sinensis) with naturally scented jasmine flowers layered into the tea during the drying process. Green Tea contains caffeine but usually a bit less than a cup of coffee as far less tea leaves are used to make a cup. The fragrance of jasmine tea is calming and satisfying.


Use about one quarter to one half teaspoon per cup and the purest boiled water you can.
Ideally green tea is made with 85°C water rather than boiling.
It is normally consumed without milk or sugar.

Strength can be increased until the liquid becomes too bitter then reduce the amount used to achieve your ideal taste.

Experiment by making with different temperatures 70°C to 90°C and brewing times (longer for lower temperatures) to explore the range of strength and flavours possible. Enjoy!

Store in an airtight container away from heat.

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