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Flee Flea for Happy Cats & Dogs 225g

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Preventing fleas is much more effective than treating them.

Flee Flea deters fleas in cats and dogs and may contribute to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Made with all-natural ingredients and containing no chemicals, Flee Flea is a great nutritional supplement that can be given throughout all stages of your pet’s life.

The effectiveness of Flee Flea is maintained by including it in your pet’s diet every day. Once this natural flea repellent is in the pet’s system (this may take around a week) you shouldn’t have to use chemical flea treatments any more. Occasionally you may find one treatment necessary during a really humid summer, especially with long haired cats.

Flee Flea is safe for any animal and we do hear of owners including it in the diets of their other pets, including rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and even horses.


Simply sprinkle on your pet’s food daily. Please follow the recommended dosage for the size of your pet on the label.

For those animals who are fussy eaters and a little suspicious of new flavours, Flee Flea can be rubbed into their coat. It will be licked off during grooming, deterring fleas and allowing your pet to get used to the taste.


Brewers Yeast • Garlic • Wheatgerm • Kelp • Dolomite • Ascorbic Acid • Lecithin • Wheat Bran • Sulphur

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