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Douglas Dietary Carbonyl Iron 30tabs

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Iron deficiency is common in our community, especially in some groups: premature infants, children from lower socioeconomic populations, hospitalised children, adolescent girls, menstruating women and possibly pregnant women.

Studies indicate that people with better iron levels are more likely to achieve their mental and physical potential. Iron is used by the body to transport oxygen, and to enable the body to breakdown (oxidize) food components such as starches, sugars and fats to release energy (calories). Iron is also the essential component of haemoglobin in the red blood cells which carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.

Carbonyl Iron is essentially pure iron (98%) unlike most other iron supplements which contain iron salts such as iron fumarate and iron gluconate. That is why taking an iron supplement like Carbonyl Iron could be of benefit to you.


Take 1 tablet daily


Each Tablet Provides:

Carbonyl Iron 18mg

No added: Preservatives, sugar, starch, gluten, yeast or milk derivatives.

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