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Canes Deer Velvet 500mg 80caps

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For over 2000 years Deer Velvet Antler has been highly valued as a traditional Chinese medicine. Highly valued for it’s protective, regenerative and strengthening properties, it is commonly used as a tonic for: ​​​ 

  • Immunity
  • Bone and joint health
  • Recovery from stress and fatigue
  • Injury and surgery
  • General well being


Recommended dose is 500 to 3000mg taken daily. Start with just one capsule per day and build your dose up slowly over a week or two.

For general well-being, immune system support and circulation: 500 – 1500mg daily.

For sports performance and recovery, or for chronic joint pain such as in arthritis and rheumatism: use the higher dose of 1500 -3000mg daily. Reduce this dose again to maintenance once improvements are apparent.


Per Capsule:

Deer Velvet 500mg

Encapsulating Aids


Deer Velvet is not recommended for people who are prone to allergic reaction to proteins, or those who have any medical condition where improved circulation is not beneficial.

Because Deer Velvet is a meat or bone type product, it is completely natural and unlikely to interfere with other medications. We are not aware of any medication or supplement that cannot be taken with Deer Velvet, but as with most dietary supplements it is recommended that you consult your health professional if you have a medical condition.

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